ECFA Detector Panel

Welcome to the ECFA Detector Panel

The ECFA Detector Panel, a European committee to review the R&D effort for future projects, was created by ECFA in its meeting 24 Nov - 25 Nov 2011. It was aimed at the detector R&D efforts of large scale particle physics projects in their preliminary and preparatory phase, not yet approved and supported by a unique leading or host lab, as for example the European Linear Collider detector R&D projects. In November 2016, ECFA updated the mandate of the Panel and extended it to also include projects from the Astro-particle Physics Community.

The European Panel invites reviewing requests by the projects and sets up the appropriate review committee. It reviews the committee’s recommendations after evaluation, and monitors the subsequent progress. The panel is primarily concerned with large R&D projects, related to experiments involving many laboratories and requiring significant resources. Smaller projects are also encouraged to contact the panel if in need of advice. The idea is to help create a coherence of the global detector R&D effort by encouraging synergies between different activities.